I currently have several Artist to Artist clients. There are so many great professional coaches out there now helping artists with their business practices. I never intended to do this. In fact at a couple of turning points in my career, I actually have worked successfully with some of the top coaches in the industry. My approach is very different.

Here's how it happened:                                                                                                                                                                                

Last year I realized that I was getting so many emails from former students asking for my help with the actual development of their work, that I decided to make my "helping time" official. My client list has grown through word of mouth. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I have confessed publicly in writing that I have been doing this. We talk by phone in the evenings and weekends when I am home from the studio, depending on time zones. I review jpegs, writing, etc....whenever I can. My clients are so amazing and grateful. It really shows in their work and accomplishments. 

This is what I offer:

   Help you to define your art practice. I have a system to help you to hone in on what inherently you should be making in order to develop a  constant flow of work, which will ultimately meet your goals, but more importantly release your authenticity. 

   Critique your existing work development and writing as you follow through with our plan.

   Suggest directions for the communication of your work so that you are successful, as mindfully defined by you.

   Help with writing statements and catalogue essays and grant applications.

Note: Some of my clients work with me prior to entering the market and often prior to the need of a viable artist statement. Generally the artist statement comes out of our work together. Even if you have one, it generally changes to something much more meaningful, specific to you, after working with me. Other clients are established, represented artists who need to expand their work to the next level. I also keep my client list very private. I will never publicly advertise who I am working with (unless you do it first, which happens often) so that you can take full credit for your growth, not me. The exception to this is if I am making some contacts for you with prior consent. I generally motivate you in pursuing contacts though, rather than "represent" you. I am not an "artist's rep, licensing agent or art career coach". My viewpoint is of a working artist and educator.


   Artist to Artist Coaching: Initial consultation =$350. The initial consultation is mandatory for me to look at your work, your writing and anything else you want me to review. I create a discovery questionnaire based on your work, you answer and then have an hour phone conversation to discuss my comments and suggestions in moving forward. After this stage the consulting work begins. 

   Consulting = $100 an hour after initial consultation. (4 hour minimum-unless we need less time to finish something that we started) Most of my clients are on a monthly retainer. The hours vary according to your needs. 

   Nihonga and ecological painting technical questions answered by phone: $80 an hour for former workshop students and $100 an hour for others.  (1/2 hour minimum)

   Studio Visits: $150 an hour plus travel time ($35 hour) and expenses (gas, flights). I often do studio visits when I am traveling out of state. If I am already in your territory for another purpose you will only be invoiced for local travel and travel time as well as our working time together and any other expenses incurred. (2 hour actual contact time minimum) Studio visits for artists on retainer are considered as working time together, not an actual studio visit. Retainer studio visit packages are discounted.

   Artist to Market Coaching: Product development, licensing and sourcing coaching- $125 an hour or agreed upon royalty % for very select clients. (3 hour minimum) Note: this is my past career as a licensed product designer. After 30+ years in this industry, my knowledge is quite vast.

   Lectures to groups rates are determined on an individual basis. 

Note: I will prepare letters of intent to Artist Grant Organizations for us to work together for a $75 fee. Several of my clients are funded to work with me due to our collaborative proposals and grant awards. 

Letters of recommendation for prior students, clients and interns are naturally free of charge, as long as my time allows. 

Here is what some of my clients have said:

   My entire practice came together as a result of the work I did with Judy. It's remarkable how I no longer have to think so hard about what to make each day. It's a continual stream of creation. 

   I was so stressed out about how to fit what I wanted to do into some sort of connected format. Now, I'm making solid bodies of work and have a plan each day. My website is much more cohesive and it's so easy to talk about what my work is about. 

   I didn't realize what I was doing prior to my time working with Judy. She has such a sixth sense about finding and connecting my strengths and hidden desires!

   She is a really strong writer- I knew what I wanted to say, but had trouble getting it on paper.

   My head was about to explode after our studio visit. I spent the entire night writing and writing and writing. 

   I look forward to our weekly phone conversations. It's nice to have someone so sensitive to email work to when I am stuck. Her suggestions are really helpful. Her knowledge is vast!