My work addresses human-environment connectivity. The physicality, vulnerability and materiality of all phenomena interests me.  By gathering and manipulating visual information and matter from the environment, I continually establish a sense of personal belonging with unfamiliar territory. This dynamic informs my work and sustains a communal exchange between the collective and individual human experience. 

My most recent work both emulates and juxtaposes diverse, encountered terrains. Terrain can be defined not only as a geological place, but also a psychological space. Terrain encompasses both land matter and physical space and exists in nature as well as the built environment. 

The works are made, destroyed, oxidized and washed over from layers of natural matter over prolonged periods of time, until a certain organic, alchemical or weathered depth is achieved. I impose ordering systems, including various processes (drawing, stitching, piercing, gilding, collaging). Geometric order signifies the built environment. I am metaphorically mending and preserving our current, fragile environment during an uncertain time. Each work embodies the duality of void and abundance.

Although I am always working in response to actual encounters, an ambiguous material presence evolves as the work’s dominating subject; meant to evoke more questioning and feeling than meaning.