My on-going work is the byproduct of a deep engagement with environment, place and the physicality and materiality of all phenomena. Each surface in our environment embodies an inner-essence that is significant, not only in its outer-form, but also in particle substance. All substances are ephemeral and vulnerable due to the stresses they endure and the obstacles they confront.

Through the employ of natural matter, like pulverized earth, plants and shells, mixed with natural binders and water, I have the freedom to most closely dictate the work's surface and essence on an alchemic, particle level. This enables me to re-create or emulate specific encountered terrains. Terrain can be defined not only as a geological place, but also a psychological space. Terrain encompasses both land matter and physical space and exists in nature as well as the built environment. 

Each individual work, although seemingly diverse, has a strict set of unified criteria. Ultimately when it communicates as a distilled abstract visual space with an embedded and current history, worthy of experiencing and questioning, then it is complete. This can take months or moments to achieve. In process, the work is often destroyed, cut into, sanded, washed over: while aiming to retain a sense of elegance and refinement. There is a fine line of risk involved in resolving a work embedded with alchemic experimentation that can't be too gritty or too pristine, too colorful or too dull, too calm or too frenetic and so on. Reaching a point of resolved, yet juxtaposed balance, ready to leave the studio, is a continual system.