Malachite Mantra 2

2014, mineral pigmented ink on tar paper, mineral pigment, gold leaf on Kumohada paper, collage

40 1/2" x 40" framed (in private collection, Scottsdale, AZ)

Finding Her Way In

2014, mineral pigments, graphite, sumi ink, 23k gold on Kumohada paper, Flashe on linen, collage (available through Bentley Gallery, Phoenix)

42" x 35 1/2" framed

Inland-Outland 1

2011, powdered coal, scrubbed Japanese conservation paper on gesso-primed panel

30" x 40" (collection of artist)

 Forme 1

2011, mineral pigments, antique sumi ink, powdered limestone on torn and cut cotton canvas

59" x 38" (in private collection, Hilton Head, SC)

A Different Way Around

2011, canvas, paper, antique sumi ink, oyster shell white and gloss enamel on panel

12" x 24" 

Seeming So Certain

2011, graphite, hide glue, canvas, chalk gesso, found nail, mineral pigment, silica, polymer on panel

12" x 24"

Aero #4

2011, mixed papers, Chinese ink, graphite on prepared panel

12" x 24" 

Land Shard

2011, charcoal, glue, shell white gesso on formed canvas on dowel rod

14" x 7" 

Land Shard 3 

2011, sumi ink, glue on canvas remnant, folded and rolled

3 1/2" x 4"

Land Shard 2

2011, mineral pigment, graphite, glue, shell white gesso on formed canvas

14" x 6" 

Land Fold #25

2011, enamel,  mineral pigment on folded kozo

17" x 4" (in private collection, Atlanta, GA)

White Space

2011, stand oil, oyster shell on mylar, small binder clip

22" x 8" (in private collection, Atlanta, GA)