This is an opportunity for individual like-minded artists who are driven by environmental, alchemical (Science and Art) processes to study with me for an intensive period of time for a minimum of 10 days to up to 3 weeks. The longer stays generally are broken up by a few days off ~ The studio is a 2 hour train ride to NYC.  We generally try to squeeze in a trip to the Yale Art Museum and see some current exhibitions. If the weather permits we get out to work in nature. 

Artists have come from as far away as Melbourne, Australia and as close as Alexandria, VA . This immersive learning experience is tailored to the resident's individual needs and growth. Due to the advantage of time, we go much deeper into various surfaces, ways to achieve a variety of absorbent painting grounds, various sources for making pigments, and slower oxidation methods for metallic leafing. We spend more one-on-one time on the development and elements of abstract painting and can cover professional practices and the individualization work development. I am continuously told that this experience is life-changing!

Generally I do this twice a year and like to schedule atleast 6 months in advance.  Feel free to email me for costs and more information about applying.        I will try to respond as quickly as possible.  

Residency Testimonials

The week I spent at Judy's studio was perhaps the most transformative time of my art practice.  When I happened upon Judy's website, I was entranced:  "What are those pigments?  How do I get them?  How do I use them? Those paintings are almost other-wordly!"  Once I decided that a residency was the only way to go, Judy was unbelievably thorough in creating a week of learning that fit the work I already do with various mediums, as well as leading me into the world of Nihonga materials.  From the start, the questions she asked not only made me really think deeply about how I work, but why I do what I do and the importance of my art career.   Let's be clear here:  it was a demanding week in many respects.  Judy goes above and beyond the typical 8 hour day; the days were long and the learning curve was steep.  My brain hurt!  I was like that kid in the Far Side comic:  "Teacher - can I be excused?  My brain is full."  Judy is, hands down, a generous and caring teacher (with a great sense of humor); the information conveyed and the processes learned were even more than I had hoped for.  I cannot say enough about how important this week was for me.  For whomever is reading this - if you are considering a residency with Judy, just do it.  

   Cleta Grant, Visual Artist, Chapel Hill, North CarolinaStudio Residency January, 2015

An experience that deserves 20 out of 10. In June 2012 I took part in a one month residency with the talented Judith Kruger. My aim was to undergo an intensive workshop in a technique closely related to the land that I wish to explore in my abstract paintings. After a lot of research it became obvious that Judith’s practice and intentions were the perfect match I was looking for. Judith covers everything that will give you the best understanding to start your creative journey. She will expose you to the essence of Asian aesthetics’ and the basics of preparing your precious medium, applying gold leaf, stretching and sizing paper and much more! No matter what your experience is in the art field, from professional to beginner the reward from attending Judith’s incredible workshop will be tailored to your needs. I come from a Fine Art background and have been painting for over 20 years, Judith was happy for me to explore alongside her, applying technique’s I have learnt over the years to my new discovery. Like no other, Judith shares her knowledge and secrets with the intention to encourage personal growth and further skill enhancement. I will always treasure what Judith shared with me during my time in her studio and beyond as her work ethic and open teaching techniques are truly inspiring. Judith Kruger is a wonderful warm person, a terrific mentor and a definite friend. I am thankful for the great visual aesthetic opportunity Judith opened my eyes to.

   Nanou, Visual Artist, Melbourne Australia, Studio Residency June, 2012

I have been painting now for 5 years and was keen to experience working with different materials and techniques to expand my Studio Practice. I was fortunate to make contact with Judy Kruger and we immediately developed a good rapport via email – which then developed into an amazing opportunity to spend 2 weeks on a Private Residency with her in Connecticut. I enjoyed working alongside Judy and learning all about Nihonga, not only the traditional but especially in a contemporary context. We also had lively discussions about Art Practice and other Painters. Judy is a warm and sharing teacher who wants to impart her knowledge and experience. She is extremely professional in her teaching methods and provided notes and supplies to be experimented with. I also enjoyed being able to see her own “stunning’ work and understand the context of her work. I am now forging ahead with tools learnt to add to my own “work’ – I intend to keep in touch with Judy as I value her input. Anyone lucky enough to be selected to do a Residency with Judith should jump at the chance. I can’t thank you enough Judy – it was truly fabulous.

  Gretl Barzotto, Visual Artist, New Zealand & Italy, Studio Residency August, 2013

Nanou,  JKS Resident, from Melbourne, working on a collaborative Ecological Painting Project as part of her month-long   Nihonga  intensive, Tybee Island, Georgia.

Nanou,  JKS Resident, from Melbourne, working on a collaborative Ecological Painting Project as part of her month-long  Nihonga intensive, Tybee Island, Georgia.