These selected images are from a series of over 600 small 4”x 6” paintings created between 2003 - 2006, when first entering the studio. This meditative ritual cleared my mind to begin working on larger, more intensive work. I was studying Japanese mineral pigment painting techniques and processes, which has now become the foundation of my environmental focus.

The technique is suiboku-ga, “water-ink”- Japanese monochrome ink painting with the addition of the semi- precious minerals, white malachite and azurite.

Suiboku-ga developed in China during the Sung Dynasty (960-1274) and was introduced to Japan by Zen Buddhist monks in the mid 14th century. It reached its height in the Muromachi period (1338-1573) with such masters as Sesshū Tōyō and Sesson Shūkei. Bold black ink strokes and washes allowed suiboku-ga artists to eliminate from their paintings all but the essential character of the subject.

These works have been exhibited throughout the USA and Japan.