Beauty and the Beach 1

handworked fractal enlargement of a small blue plastic bottle found on the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico

2011, archival pigment print with mineral pigments, acrylic, sumi ink, Chicago beach sand, silver, Sekishu paper on Hahnemuhle paper on  2 panels

42" x 58" (in collection Washington, DC)

 Jaipur in San Juan

handworked fractal enlargement of an inscribed wall at a private residence in San Juan, Puerto Rico

2011, sanded archival pigment print, chalk gesso, graphite, soy fixative on Hahnemuhle paper on 2 panels

84" x 63"  

Anonymous Scribbler

handworked fractal enlargement of a decayed and scribbled wall in Savannah' Georgia's historic district

2011, archival pigment print, mineral pigments, acrylic, tire shreds on Hahnemuhle paper on panel

63" x 42"  

Beauty and The Beach 2

handworked fractal enlargement of a small decayed found plastic, mold infested remnant on the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico

2011, archival pigment print, copper patina, mineral pigments on Hahnemuhle paper on panel

63" x 42" (in collection, Philadelphia, PA)


I employ the camera to maximize while minimizing the everyday, magnifying what I see with more depth and exaggeration than is ordinarily visible. It is on the same level of fixation as hyper-focusing in on a pigment’s particle. The camera is used as if it were a paintbrush: a process that embeds a discovered matrix in the work. Found images act as surrogates for painting surfaces.

Technology allows us to interact often on a superficial level. Tangible, visceral substances touched by humans that have been alchemically weathered and honed over time exhibit authenticity.

Exploring the formal and conceptual junctures between historic process (through the manipulation of natural resources) and the modernity of digital imagery is an ongoing project.